You Need Sunscreen in Winter, Too

Although here in Beverly Hills, California, it may still seem like summer, most other places across the country are beginning to experience the chill of late fall and the beginnings of winter. Out comes the pumpkin spice lattes, fuzzy sweaters, flannel and holiday decorations. Away goes the bikinis, flip flops and strappy sandals, beach umbrellas and sunscreen.

But wait – doesn’t the sun shine all year long? Then why do so many people believe that sunscreen is only for the summer months? While protecting your health and skin while tanning and soaking up summer rays is wise, your skin is still exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays even when you’re not on the beach. Sunscreen is for fall and winter, too.

Winter and Sunshine

Again, here in California, winter to most of us is simply a cooler extension of summer. But most other areas of the United States experience a somewhat harsher form. From cooler temperatures to cloudy skies to heavy snow and ice, people all over endure winter weather without giving much thought to sun protection.

But in fact, winter can enhance the effects of the sun, depending on where you live. Those braving snow and ice may not consider how the sun’s rays are reflected off the white winter wonderland around them. You likely wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare – don’t your skin deserve some protection, too? And even cloudy, cool days allow some of the sun’s rays to penetrate, so you should care for your exposed skin.

iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 30

The talented and experienced aestheticians at our ParsaMD MedSpa in Beverly Hills recommend Extreme Protect SPF 30 from iS Clinical as a superior all-weather sunscreen for any weather or skin type. With unprecedented multi-level broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, this formula protects skin from damage as well as soothes and rehydrates sunburnt skin. Powerful antioxidants with Extremozyme® technology even shield your skin from harmful environmental aggressors.

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