Lock In Moisture for Healthy Skin

Almost no one prefers the alternative to aging – we all want to enjoy our families and loved ones for as long as possible. But growing old leaves its mark on us all, and those marks are what we want to avoid. How can you begin early to keep your skin in top condition all through the years? One key ingredient is moisture. Aging causes our skin to dry out and look like a sheet of old parchment. Locking in moisture is a great practice to keep skin healthy and looking younger.

Moisture and Your Skin

Moisture and your skin have a type of love-hate relationship. Too much exposure to moisture, from hours in the ocean or swimming pool, or even a long, hot shower, can dry out your skin. Humidity causes your pores to open to absorb extra moisture, but that also makes it easier for your skin to attract allergens, dirt, oil and environmental toxins.

It isn’t really the moisture that harms your skin – it’s everything else that flows in with it. Too much sea brine, chlorine, hot temperatures and environmental factors can do great harm to your skin, especially over time. The key is to moisturize clean skin immediately after bathing and lock in that hydrating love to rejuvenate your skin.

Hydropeptide Moisture Reset

Hydropeptide Moisture Reset is a facial moisturizer with 13 nutrient-rich oils to not only add healing moisture, but build up the protective lipid barrier of your skin. Also, rice bran is included in the formula to soothe redness or irritated skin. For aging or dehydrated skin, nourish and rehydrate by using this moisturizing oil immediately after bathing, but before gently drying your skin.

Apply drops liberally about your face and lightly rub into your skin after each bath or shower. Your skin will immediately feel softer as the healing balm goes to work locking in vital moisture. Your face and neck will feel better, look younger and stay healthier over time with a regular moisturizing regimen that includes Moisture Reset Oil from Hydropeptide.

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