Oily Skin? Fall Is Not Your Friend

It's not just the leaves that change with the welcoming of Fall – your skin does, too. The autumn weather and cooler, drier air affects your skin, triggering changes as your body naturally tries to hold on to moisture. The same happens indoors as the heat gets turned on and cranked up. Those with naturally oily skin may think Summer is a difficult time with its heat and sweat, but Fall can be just as problematic. If you routinely wear a mask, your oily skin problems are compounded.

NoLio Pore Minimizing Cleanser

A careful cleansing and moisturizing routine is important in every season of the year. As the colors of Fall begin to change, your skincare routine may need to adapt to reflect the changes you see in your skin. NoLio Pore Minimizing Cleanser is specially formulated for oily skin types. This cleansing product includes 5% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid that penetrates and loosens clogged dirt and debris that gathers in your pores.

At the same time, gentle exfoliants remove top-layer dead skin cells that can clog pores and contribute to breakouts and oily skin problems. Antioxidants from natural green tea extract provides added protection for your skin and zinc promotes needed skin repair.

The areas around your mask can be especially troublesome, as cloth or paper masks absorb oil and rub it into your skin. It is not uncommon for some skin types to suffer breakouts or irritations in the shape of the masks they must wear each day for work or other pursuits.

Get Professional Skincare Help

Everyone can benefit from consulting with a professional aesthetician about their skincare routines. These specialists can recommend therapies and treatments to help with different skin types that can help you reduce breakouts or other problems. Oily skin types can especially run into difficulties with caring for their skin throughout the varying seasons.

Always ask your aesthetician or skin care specialist for advice or recommendations before undergoing any treatments or using any new products. Our aesthetic specialists at ParsaMD are happy to answer your questions about health, skincare and anti-aging issues. Contact us today online or shop the ParsaMD online store for more top-tier products.

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