Oxygenetix Foundation

Women are constantly on the search for the perfect foundation that agrees with their particular skin type. For those who say, “skin is skin, it all works the same,” Parsa M.D. of Beverly Hills wants to introduce you to Oxygenetix Foundation. This breakthrough product has our customers raving, giving it an overall 5-star rating.

Why Wear Foundation at All?

Many women who are unhappy with their skin tone or complexion wear foundation as the base for other makeup. The basic purpose of foundation is to create a blank or smooth “foundation” on which to build a more attractive look. Those with great skin may choose to avoid foundation and just apply light makeup. Ladies who do not enjoy a great complexion wish they could, too, especially with heavy, gloppy foundations that do not allow the skin to breathe.

Why Choose Oxygenetix Foundation?

Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation is the formulation of top scientists, plastic surgeons and dermatologists. It is a completely breathable formula that feels light on your skin, yet covers a host of blemishes, including:
  • Surface blemishes and minor injuries
  • Liver and age spots
  • Rashes
  • Cracked or dry skin
  • Acne Scars
  • Rosacea
  • Other skin conditions
This incredible formula comes in 13 colors to match virtually any skin tone and will not trigger your skin’s sensitivities or clog pores and cause more skin trouble. The patented formula from Oxygenetix, called Ceravitae Complex, helps to promote the production of collagen for healthy new skin cell growth.

This foundation can even be used right after many skincare treatments, like microneedling, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, laser hair removal and more. Your dermatologist or skincare professional may recommend Oxygenetix Foundation to help protect and nurture your skin for a better overall appearance.

Shop the Parsa M.D. online store for this and other fabulous skincare and beauty products used by women across the United States who value their aesthetic appeal and skin health.

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