Fall Skin Protection with HydroPeptide Soothing Skin Recovery Balm

Summertime can be hard on your skin, making it necessary to keep it nourished and hydrated. But Fall can be just as harsh – dry winds, cooler temperatures and heavier clothing can take a toll on your skin, too. Prepare for Fall skin irritants with HydroPeptide Soothing Skin Recovery Balm.

Nourish your dry and dehydrated skin, or protect skin from drying out and looking aged, with this emollient moisturizing balm. Use on your face and entire body to reduce aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines and dry, mottled skin. The complex mixture of ingredients even improves circulation to facilitate strong, resilient skin.

Safe for Regular Use

As part of your regular skincare routine, mix with a desired moisturizer or serum and massage into the skin of your face and body using a circular motion. Most facial masks can be applied over the balm. Warming the product between the hands makes for a more soothing facial application.

HydroPeptide Soothing Skin Recovery Balm contains:

  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut
  • Avocado Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Lauric Acid
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Rice Peptides
  • Soy Peptides
  • Yeast Peptides

This product contains absolutely no artificial fragrances, phthalates, gluten, sulphates or PEGs.

Superior Skincare Products Recommended by a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Kami Parsa, MD is an Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgeon whose expertise in cosmetic and facial reconstructive surgery has led him to choose only the finest skincare products for use in his world-class med spa in Beverly Hills. These same products are available through the Parsa M. D. online store for home use.

Superior products like the HydroPeptide Soothing Skin Recovery Balm provide safe, effective and medical spa-grade treatment for anti-aging and routine skincare. Order yours today and explore the store for other top-tier products recommended by Dr. Kami Parsa.

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