SENTE Illumine Eye Cream

Aging paints its subtle signs across our faces gradually, often unnoticed. Suddenly, we look in a mirror and discover time has been hard at work changing our appearance. One of the most age-revealing and age-belying areas is around our eyes. Under-eye bags, dark circles and other lines can proclaim to the world that we are getting older – we may even appear much older than is the case.

While there are several treatments to erase the signs of aging from around your eyes, including dermal fillers and even surgery, why go to all that trouble and expense when an effective solution is available to use at home?

Professional-Grade Anti-Aging Treatment from Home

SENTÉ Illuminé Eye Cream is the anti-aging eye treatment you can use at home. Within as little as two weeks, you can use this patented Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) technology from SENTÉ to drastically improve your eye appearance and appeal. One customer of the Parsa M.D. online store exclaimed, “This product has completely transformed my eyes. I’ve only used it TWICE!”

The formula is clinically tested and proven to help you erase lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffy bags under your eyes. And yet, SENTÉ Illuminé Eye Cream is completely safe for those who wear contacts or have eye allergies. It is paraben free and fragrance free, and recommended by ophthalmologists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons as a great means for reducing the signs of aging around the eyes.

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