Clean and Shave to Save Time!

The holidays are here and time is a precious commodity. With all the family gatherings, work parties, neighborhood visits, shopping, wrapping, travel and everything else on your calendar, when do have time to take care of yourself? Thankfully, winter means long sleeves, pants and covering up most of your body so no one can see if you’ve shaved!

But what if you could cleanse your skin and shave while moisturizing, all in a single step? Save some valuable time off your personal hygiene routine with a unique and handy combination product!

Zerafite Creamy Cleanser and Shaving Cream

You won’t believe your eyes, but you’ll prize the time you save, with Zerafite™ Creamy Cleanser and Shaving Cream. This gentle skin cleanser is actually considered a non-foaming solution, but the rich combination of coconut amino acids (not oil) and healthy lipids causes a rich, full foam that is perfect for protecting your skin and facilitating shaving. Use this soothing cleanser/shaving cream anywhere on your body!

This exceptional product nourishes your skin with rich lipids for a smooth, healthy appearance, plus it leaves your skin protected and hydrated for withstanding cold winter air and dry indoor heat. Zerafite Creamy Cleanser and Shaving Cream is safe for many skin conditions, including razor rash, eczema, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions.

Read more about this incredible product in the ParsaMD online store and order yours today to begin saving time and effort off your daily personal routine. Plus, share a review of how you enjoyed the product on our site to help other shoppers make wise choices!

ParsaMD – Top-Tier Quality Skincare Products

Dr. Kami Parsa is a renowned cosmetic and reconstructive oculoplastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in skin and body treatments. He and the aestheticians at our own ParsaMD Medical Spa in Beverly Hills recommend only the highest quality, safest and most effective products to our own clients – the same products available to you in our online store.

Many clients across the country and in many different climates shop our store to obtain the finest skincare and beauty products available. Browse the store today for more cleansers, shaving products, sunscreen and anti-aging solutions.

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