Keep Skin Moist and Healthy This Summer

Summertime means bikinis, plenty of sunshine and fun with family and friends. But this heightened exposure to damaging UV rays from the sun can wreak havoc on your skin without proper care. Don’t avoid fun in the sun – take the necessary steps to keep your delicate skin protected, hydrated and moisturized with top skincare products from ParsaMD.

Your Skin and Moisture

Moisture is essential for every part of your body, including your skin. Our bodies are about 60% water, and every body part contains some amount. Water is essential for regulating body temperature, flushing away bodily waste, joint lubrication and many more processes. It is also vital for keeping your skin healthy, maintaining its natural elasticity and preventing wrinkles and other signs of premature aging.

This is why using quality skincare products to keep your skin protected, hydrated and healthy is essential. The heat and light from the sun evaporates moisture quickly, and this leaves your skin dry, itchy and damaged. Along with using an effective sunscreen, you should perform regular moisturization as part of your daily skincare routine.

Alastin Skincare Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer

Alastin Skincare Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer helps to keep your skin hydrated and nourished by sealing in precious moisture and adding rich ingredients to promote healthy skin. Patented TriHex Technology® works to support collagen and elastin production; these two elements are essential for healthy, natural appearing skin. Even damaged or irritated skin can benefit from Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer’s healing and calming hydration effects.

Alastin Skincare Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer is:
  • Winner of the 2021 Aestheticians’ Choice Award for “Favorite Medical-Grade Moisturizer”
  • Winner of Prevention Magazine’s 2021 Award for “Best Plumping Moisturizer”
  • Winner of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 2021 Holy Grail Award for “Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin”
This superior skincare product is good for all skin types, including dry or sensitive skin, and is fragrance and oil free for a more natural skincare therapy. And as always, all products available through the ParsaMD online store are used and recommended by our skilled aestheticians at the ParsaMD MedSpa in Beverly Hills, CA.

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