Don’t Let the Fear of Scars Prevent You from Having Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries to improve one’s appearance are growing in popularity, but there are still many who avoid having the surgery they want out of a fear of scarring. Scars are simply a part of the process of any surgical procedure. When the skin must be cut, our natural bodily processes kick in to rush the necessary materials to the wound site to begin healing. This is often an unbalanced mixture of collagen, elastin and other materials that produce a line of repair tissue mismatched from the rest of our skin.

If you have your eye on a cosmetic surgical procedure to enhance your features, repair damage or erase the signs of aging, go ahead and take the plunge. Modern skincare features advanced methods to help lighten and even erase some surgical scars without invasive or even minimally invasive procedures. One of the best of these is silicone.

How Silicone Helps Scars Heal

Silicone works in several ways to help scar tissue heal and more closely resemble your natural, undamaged skin. Of course, many factors impact how your skin heals, including genetics, natural skin tone, skin health, overall health and personal habits.

Silicone increases the hydration of the outer layer of skin. Keeping this visible layer well hydrated is important for healing and keeping skin healthy. Silicone also facilitates the formation of fibroblasts, which are cells that are crucial to forming and restructuring connective tissue. They work with collagen to form scar tissue. A large number of fibroblasts can help produce a flatter scar.

Silicone is also vital to the production of FGF B, which regulates the production of collagen in wound healing. Too much collagen contributes to large, abnormal scars. Bacteria can also trigger excess collagen, and silicone can also form a protective barrier over a new surgery wound to help seal out bacteria.

Pur-Sil Pure Scar Care

Pure Scar Care from Pur-Sil is formulated with medical grade silicone. This topical gel is just as effective as the traditional silicone sheets, but much more convenient in application and aftercare. “Twenty four(24) International experts, from a wide range of specialties, consider Silicone Gel the first-line standard in treating scars.”

With regular use after cosmetic surgery, you skin will regain a soft, silky texture, with reduced redness and visibility of scar tissue. Order yours today from the ParsaMD Online Store. Be sure to use the code ‘parsamd’ to save when you shop.

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