Erase Signs of Aging from Your Eyes

The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but they also give away your age. In this era of wearing masks, and now winter with its scarves to cover our faces from the cold, your eyes are the most noticed aspect of your face. What do they reveal about your age and apparent vitality?

Crows feet and other lines around the eyes may make you appear wizened and benign, but many prefer a younger, more vibrant appearance. Erasing the fine lines and wrinkles from around the eyes can dramatically improve your aesthetic appeal. If you want simple solutions and are not yet ready to investigate cosmetic surgery, ParsaMD can recommend some highly effective products.

Skinbetter Science InterFuse Eye Treatment Cream

Patented technology and extensive dermatology testing is what you can expect from any product from Skinbetter Science®, and this includes their InterFuse® Treatment Cream for the Eye. Say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, crow’s feet and undereye darkness with this powerful eye treatment cream. Dye free, paraben free and fragrance free, this patented solution delivers vital anti-aging ingredients more effectively to keep you looking younger, longer.

Enjoy a specially-targeted peptide that immediately erases pesky crow’s feet
Caffeine and a yeast-derivative reduce under-eye puffiness and bags
Locks in essential moisture for improved skin health
Brightens skin with healthy antioxidants

Skinbetter Science InterFuse Eye Treatment Cream EYE can become a vital part of your normal skincare and anti-aging routine to keep you looking young, lively and on top of life.

Products Recommended by Our ParsaMD Medical Spa

All the skincare and anti-aging products featured in our ParsaMD online store are used and recommended by the talented aestheticians at our own ParsaMD Medical Spa in Beverly Hills. Dr. Kami Parsa and our experienced skincare specialists only recommend and use the highest quality products that help our clients achieve their health and beauty goals safely and ethically.

Shop our online store now for more great products for eye care, anti-aging, protection from the sun, treating skin conditions and enhancing your natural beauty.

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