Professional Wrinkle Treatment at Home

Advanced technologies now provide the ability for professional aesthetic caregivers to harness the power of light to combat wrinkles. Many who wish to appear younger take advantage of regular appointments with their aesthetician to undergo light therapy in the constant battle against aging.

But what if you could take this technology home? Now you can with LightStim® patented LED Light Therapy. Stop wasting time and money on multiple sessions with an aesthetician and instead, invest just a few minutes a day in the privacy of your own home to erase wrinkles and generate smoother, younger-looking skin.

Erase Wrinkles on Your Own Schedule

Busy people want to look younger, too; but who can fit another appointment on the calendar? And who has time to waste sitting in another waiting room for much longer than your planned procedure? LightStim harnesses the power of LED light and makes it easy for you to use at home.
  • Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
  • Restore your skin's youthful appearance
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Reduce the appearance and size of pores
  • Smooth your skin’s texture
  • Recapture radiant skin
  • Help preserve your youthful skin
  • Safe for use on the face, neck, hands and anywhere else on the body

Harness the Power of LED Light

LightStim patented LED Light Therapy provides powerful LED light technology in the palm of your hand. This affordable and effective aesthetic option for combatting the signs of aging is completely painless, rather soothing and is safe for all skin types.

Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in just minutes a day. Many users report tremendous results after just a week of regular use. Consistent use over time helps to improve your skin’s condition and keep aging signs at bay. You may also want to begin with using a non-exfoliating skin serum or hyaluronic acid serum for additional skin support.

For those with serious acne trouble, check out LightStim for Acne!

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