Professional Acne Treatment at Home

Those who battle periodic outbreaks of acne in their teens and even well into their adult years can spend a considerable amount of time and expense with professional treatments. New technology that harnesses the power of LED light can work wonders on acne, but repeated trips to see an aesthetician was the only way to take advantage of this type of therapy.

Now, LightStim® patented LED Light Therapy for Acne puts the power of safe, professional-grade light in the palm of your hand. With your own LightStim for Acne device, you can treat acne outbreaks and work to prevent new outbreaks in the privacy of your own home, and on your own schedule. No more wasted time in the aesthetician’s waiting room wishing you were somewhere else!

Battle Acne on Your Own Schedule

Save precious time by treating your acne and preventing breakouts on your own schedule! The convenient timer alerts you after three minutes to move the hand-held LED device to a different spot. Teens and adults can use LightStim for Acne while you read, talk on the phone or watch a movie!
  • Heal and calm existing breakouts
  • Reduce swelling
  • Reduce redness
  • Destroy acne-causing bacteria to minimize future breakouts
  • Restore your skin's clear and healthy appearance
  • Warm, relaxing and easy to use

Harness the Natural Power of LED Light

LightStim patented LED Light Therapy uses the power of focused LED light for a powerful and effective solution to help achieve clear and healthy skin. Avoid medications and other treatments that can harm your skin and opt for the power of natural light. LightStim is safe for all skin types and tones.

Treat existing breakouts and also use consistently to destroy bacteria that causes new acne formation. Just a few minutes each day can make a huge difference in improving your skin and keeping you free from acne.

Those who wish to combat the signs of aging should consider LightStim LED Light Therapy for Wrinkles!

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