Fight Acne with Healing Serums

Acne is a problem many people struggle to deal with, from their teens into adulthood. Acne can appear and reappear on the face, neck, back and shoulders predominately. Its ugly appearance can make those suffering with it embarrassed to show their skin or be seen in public. Moreover, failing to treat acne appropriately can result in disfiguring scars that leave a permanent reminder and visible reference.

Fight Back with These Steps

You can take proactive steps to combat the formation and breakouts of acne. Since acne forms from deposits of oil and dirt, plus other components within your skin, take these actions to fight back.

Eat a Healthy Diet
Pasta, sugar, bread and other foods that raise your sugar levels increase the body’s production of oily glands, which directly contribute to acne. Eating a healthy diet with less of these foods and more low-glycemic foods can help prevent the formation of acne. Choose whole grains, leafy greens and vegetables and unprocessed foods for a better diet.

Clean Your Skin Regularly
Choose a good quality cleanser to use at least twice a day to keep acne-prone skin areas like your face, neck, shoulders and back clean and oil-free. Soap can often leave a film that can clog pores. A skin cleanser leaves your skin smooth and free of film or other buildup.

Reduce Stress
Yes, stress contributes to acne breakouts. Stress activates various hormones in the body, which trigger more sebum on the skin (oil), and this makes it easier for acne to form. Reducing stress helps keeps your hormones balanced, and makes for healthier skin.

iS Clinical Pro-Heal Antioxidant-Rich Serum

In addition to the above recommendations, our skilled and knowledgeable aestheticians at the ParsaMD MedSpa in Beverly Hills recommend using the iS Clinical Pro-Heal Antioxidant-Rich Serum. This superior product is excellent for treating acne, rosacea, contact dermatitis and other skin irritations. Reduce inflammation, nourish skin and protect skin health by using this serum at night after cleansing your affected skin.

Order yours today from the ParsaMD Online Store and begin fighting back against ugly acne breakouts that can be unsightly and even cause scarring.

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