Why Moisturizing is Important

If you live a busy lifestyle, you may tend to cut corners in your skincare routine to save time. Skipping moisturizing may seem like the thing to do – especially if you have naturally oily skin. But this is a severe mistake.

Why should you include a moisturizer in your daily skincare regimen? Here’s why.

Replenish Natural Oils

Even for those with naturally oily skin, your oil glands create less oil as you age. This means your skin is getting less of what it needs to stay healthy and protected. A quality moisturizer can help replenish your natural oils to keep you looking younger and more vibrant.

Look and Feel Younger

Do you have areas of your skin that seem rougher? Some body areas replace skin cells faster than others. This newer skin can be more susceptible to harsh weather and the sun’s UV rays and aging effects. Think of your ears, neck, chest and face. Moisturizing regularly helps keep these areas and the rest of your skin protected and healthy.

Don’t risk looking older! Adding a moisturizer into your daily routine can keep wrinkles to a minimum. Your skin plumps up when you add moisturizer, giving your face a firmer appearance and showing fewer wrinkles.

Combat Environmental Pollutants

Your skin is exposed to numerous environmental pollutants every day. Some are in your home or place of work and many of them are outdoors. These pollutants penetrate your skin’s pores and cause all sorts of problems. A good moisturizer fills your pores with beneficial elements to combat environmental pollutants and prevent them from harming your skin health.

Prevent Skin Issues with a Quality Moisturizer

Dried-out skin causes an imbalance that triggers many skin issues. You may experience increased redness, acne or even oil overproduction. Choose the best moisturizer for your skin type to combat skin issues and keep your skin healthy.

For Dry Skin – You need more help replenishing what your skin lacks. Alastin Skincare Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer is the perfect product to help you calm, invigorate and hydrate your skin. This fantastic product won the 2021 Aestheticians’ Choice Award for “Favorite Medical-Grade Moisturizer” and Prevention Magazine’s 2021 Award for “Best Plumping Moisturizer."

For Oily Skin – Those with naturally oily skin still need moisturization but should choose a lighter product. Alastin Ultra-Light Moisturizer adds the gentle hydration necessary to promote an optimal environment for skin health and beauty.

The skilled aestheticians at our Parsa MD Med Spa in Beverly Hills routinely recommend these exceptional products from the Parsa MD online store. We only use the highest quality skincare products for the best results.

The Alastin moisturizer products above are safe for all skin types, including sensitive or damaged skin. They speed hydration and healing to combat aging and produce a youthful, vibrant appearance others will notice.

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