Summer Sweat and Your Complexion

Summertime is our favorite time to enjoy outdoor activities, trips to the pool or the beach, barbeques, family events and long days in the sun. Of course, summer makes us sweat more and in greater volume, which may not be one of your favorite things. However, your body’s sweat is actually a healthy thing and more beneficial than you may realize. Let’s learn more about summer sweat and your complexion.

Fun Facts About Sweat

Did you know that your sweat is actually good for your skin? That doesn’t mean you should stop bathing; on the contrary, sweat helps you care for your skin, but you must do your part, too.
  • The water in sweat hydrates the skin
  • The minerals and salt in your sweat are natural exfoliants
  • Uric acid in your sweat actually helps to combat dermatitis
  • Sweat helps rid your skin of bacteria, dirt and oils

The problems begin when sweat is allowed to dry or be re-absorbed by the skin, allowing impurities to irritate and clog the skin’s pores. This upsets the skin’s healthy pH factor and causes problems with your complexion.

Caring for Summertime Skin

Hydropeptide Cashmere Cleanse

In order to prevent summer sweat from adversely affecting your skin, consider the following tips:
  • Stay well-hydrated so your sweat will have a higher water content to prevent irritation and rashes.
  • Wash your face before facing the summertime sun to remove impurities and reduce the likelihood of them being re-absorbed into the skin.
  • Use an appropriate sunscreen with an SPF level of 45 or higher.
  • Take a shower and wash your face as soon as you can after sweating.
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