Pamper Your Eyes Above the Mask

While mask-wearing may soon be a thing of the past, many professions have adopted wearing masks long-term as a means of protecting both clients and employees. If you are one who must wear a mask for long hours (medical personnel, dental personnel, aestheticians, food service personnel), you already know that your eyes are the only expression you have to communicate your mood and attitude.

Since all that shows above or around a mask is your eyes, others focus on this part of your face, making every line and wrinkle highly noticeable. The ParsaMD Store carries top-tier eye treatments that can help you improve this vital part of your face when wearing a mask makes it so prominent.

Zerafite Hydrating and Protecting Eye Serum

Zerafite Hydrating and Protecting Eye Serum is a comprehensive treatment therapy with a powerful multi-layered punch to help erase the signs of aging around your eyes. This skin in the eye area is thinner than most of your other skin, and can easily reflect the signs of aging, including:
  • Crow’s feet
  • Fine lines
  • Age wrinkles (sun squints)
  • Dark circles
It works by providing ultra-moisturization with naturally hydrating ingredients, and incorporating MLE technology to protect against the drying effect of aging. Zerafite Hydrating and Protecting Eye Serum also has a noticeable tightening effect over time, helping even further to protect your sensitive eye skin from the ravages of time and lost collagen.

Apply the soothing and anti-aging serum twice daily around the eyes and allow to sink in. Do not rub the skin around your eyes after application. Vitamin C, Niacinamide and powerful antioxidants work in tandem to protect against moisture loss, stimulate collagen production and tighten skin.

Quality Skincare and Beauty Products from Beverly Hills

All the products we feature in our ParsaMD online store are used and highly recommended by our talented aestheticians in our own ParsaMD MedSpa in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Kami Parsa and our team only recommend top-tier products we use with confidence on our own patients. Shop the store today for more great skincare and beauty products. Be sure to use the code “parsamd” when you shop for extra savings!

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