How to Get Acne-Free Skin

Are you struggling with acne? Trying to find the right dermatologist-approved products to get healthier skin can be a challenge. If you want to get rid of breakouts, there’s a convenient beauty tool used by dermatologists in their offices that you can use at home. Here’s how you can get acne-free skin.

How LightStim for Acne Gives You Clear Skin

LightStim® patented LED Light Therapy is an effective skincare tool for minimizing mild to moderate acne breakouts. It can be used on all skin types for both teenagers and adults. LightStim works by emitting multiple UV-free light rays to stimulate and regenerate skin cells. This painless technology soothes inflamed skin and kills bacteria that causes blemishes. Existing acne can heal with no negative side effects.

The LightStim will help you enjoy clearer skin with no maintenance or battery replacement costs. For over a decade, it’s been used and recommended by aestheticians and dermatologists as an effective skincare treatment for acne free skin. The product is designed and manufactured in the U.S and FDA-cleared for acne treatment.

How to Use LightStim for Acne

To Use LightStim for acne-free skin, start by cleaning your face as you would normally. Turn on the device’s light and the three-minute built-in timer will automatically start. Gently touch your face with the light and hold it firmly in place.

When the timer beeps, move the light to another spot and repeat the process until you've treated all acne-prone areas. Use the light daily until you achieve healthy and radiant skin. To maintain acne-free skin, use the light two to three times per week.

Order Today to Get Acne Free Skin

Getting acne free skin doesn’t have to be a struggle. With LightStim for Acne, you can have healthy and radiant skin plus minimize future breakouts. Order through our ParsaMD online store and start feeling more confident with the skin you’re in.

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