Get Back to Nature with the Green Juice Peel

Skincare solutions have evolved over time, and have come full circle in more modern times. Early on, people used natural ingredients to protect their skin and cleanse it to preserve a younger appearance; now, modern skincare is adapting more of those previous natural remedies as science learns more about how natural ingredients benefits our skin health. This is why more skincare products now feature natural juices and components as well as time-tested substances. Researchers are discovering more about how natural ingredients can cleanse, nourish and fortify our skin without the risks from artificial chemicals and other ingredients. One variation on the chemical peel treatment we recommend and offer at The ParsaMD MedSpa is the Green Juice Peel.

The ParsaMD Green Juice Peel

ParsaMD Green Juice Peel

The ParsaMD Green Juice Peel is a luxurious hydrating and exfoliating mask that, when removed, leaves the skin refreshed and feeling silky smooth. It is completely safe to use regularly with your current skincare routine, due to its basis in natural green juices. The ParsaMD Green Juice Peel combines all-natural juice and extracts from grapefruit, cucumber, papaya, pineapple and aloe vera. This gentle, yet effective exfoliating peel does not irritate the skin, while hydrating, stimulating new skin cell growth and providing a powerful cleansing action. Here’s how we recommend its use:
  1. Begin with clean, dry skin.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Green Juice Peel and allow to sit 3-5 minutes.
  3. After this pause, gently rub the Green Juice Peel into your skin in circular motions until small beads form.
  4. Stop and allow the beading action to cease.
  5. Rince your face with warm water to remove.
  6. Continue with your normal skincare routine.

Our aestheticians at The ParsaMD MedSpa recommend using The Green Juice Peel once or twice a week to keep skin deep cleansed, healthy and looking radiant.

Medical Spa-Grade Skincare Products

The Green Juice Peel from our own ParsaMD Medical Spa in Beverly Hills is just one of many superior grade skincare products we offer in the ParsaMD Online Store for your convenience. We recommend a consultation with a talented aesthetician to help you determine the best skincare practices for your unique complexion and conditions. Then, you can browse our online store to find top-quality products we use in our own Beverly Hills medical spa. Be sure to use the code parsamd when you make an online purchase to enjoy more savings.

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