Don’t Advertise Your Anti-Aging Efforts

There is absolutely no shame in undergoing treatments to hide the aging process. But why advertise that you’ve just had a skincare treatment? Isn’t the idea to look younger and keep others guessing at how you look so great at your age? Or to keep them guessing at your actual age?

Popular and Effective Anti-Aging Treatments

Our MedSpa in Beverly Hills employs the most state-of-the-art skincare treatments to erase the signs of aging. Many of these can also be obtained from your local medspa or skincare specialist. The most popular and effective treatments to reduce the signs of aging include:
  • C02 laser resurfacing
  • Microneedling
  • Chemical peels
  • Injectables
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • Laser hair removal
The only concern is that with these and some other treatments, the skin is left somewhat irritated, leaving it red, bruised or otherwise visibly distorted for a period of time. This means you likely will not want to be seen by others until your skin heals from the treatment.

The problem is, busy people rarely have the extra time to allow for skin healing in between treatments and a full social calendar.

Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation

The perfect solution is the Breathable Foundation by Oxygentix. This leading skincare manufacturer has over a decade of experience working with dermatologists, scientists and plastic surgeons to formulate incredibly effective skincare solutions.

The Breathable Foundation does not clog pores or trigger skin sensitivities, and is a great way to cover the redness and bruising from recent skincare treatments. The skin can breathe and heal, and even enjoy a boost in collagen production to aid your recent treatment. Apply this foundation to red or irritated skin and look your best to be seen by others while you heal.

Available in seven shades to match your natural skin tone, this breathable foundation product can also hide other skin problems and imperfections like age spots, rashes, dry or cracked skin, acne scars and rosacea. It is safe for all skin types and provides gentle, yet effective, coverage for damaged, blemished or healing skin.

Order yours today from the ParsaMD online store and remember to use the code parsamd for additional discounts.

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