Cyspera: A Proven Solution for Unsightly Pigmentation

Is your complexion threatened by melasma, freckles or other areas of stubborn discoloration? Hyperpigmentation, or darker areas of skin, can occur for a variety of reasons, including underlying disease, sun damage, inflammation and skin trauma. This discoloration frequently happens when the skin produces too much melanin. Whether you were born with dark freckles or developed melasma after a pregnancy, there are ways to get rid of your dark spots and create a more even and pleasing skin tone.

While there are many pigmentation creams on the market, many products (like hydroquinone) come with disruptive side effects that patients aren’t willing to tackle. Fortunately, a topical cream has emerged to effectively correct stubborn pigmentation with maximum safety and tolerability. More and more patients are realizing the profound benefits of Cyspera.

What is Cyspera?

Cyspera is a topical cream that has shown remarkable success in lightening areas of pigmentation on the skin, including stubborn and treatment-resistant cases of melasma.

The hallmark success of Cyspera cream is its active ingredient cysteamine. Cysteamine can be found naturally in the cells of our body (and in breastmilk). It carries the ability to reduce melanin in the skin, the same substance that is typically over-produced in patients with brown spots and melasma. Cysteamine also has antioxidant properties to help protect our skin cells from damage.

Cysteamine is not a new ingredient in terms of reversing pigmentation. In fact, it’s been around for over 50 years. Why hasn’t it been used to treat pigmentation until recently? In the past, cysteamine carried a strong odor that made it undesirable to use on the skin. Scientists have now found a way to reduce the unpleasant smell without compromising the effectiveness of the product.

The Benefits of Cyspera

Cyspera confidently stands as the first and only pigment corrector in the world to contain cysteamine as a biogenic ingredient. As of 2013, the American Academy of Dermatology published results that recognized Cysteamine Cream® as the new standard for treating hyperpigmentation issues. Here are some leading reasons why patients and physicians prefer Cyspera:

Natural and Strong: Cysteamine is one of the strongest, naturally occurring antioxidants in the human body and breast milk.

Maximum Safety: Cyspera is hydroquinone-free, retinoic acid-free, kojic acid-free, steroid-free, non-cytotoxic, non-mutagenic and non-carcinogenic. It is even safe for long-term use with no lasting side effects!

Easy Use: Cysteamine cream can be used intensively or as a long-term maintenance regime. It is an easy-to-apply topical cream that can be used on its own or combined with in-office treatments such as lasers and chemical peels for maximum results.

Proven Results: Patients often notice the initial results in 6 weeks and a moderate to significant improvement after 12 weeks of use.

To learn more about Cyspera or Cysteamine Cream® for your hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration problems, please contact Dr. Parsa in Beverly Hills. We stand behind this innovative product as a way to help patients attain a more confident complexion with minimal sacrifice and side-effects.

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