Advanced Home Scar Treatment

Scarring can result from a host of causes, ranging from small acne scars to larger scars from trauma or cancer surgery. While many proudly wear scars as some sort of survivor badge, others would prefer to not be recognized for their wound marks. Experts agree all across the world that silicone is the premier treatment to reduce the visibility of unsightly scars.

If you have scars you wish were less visible, advanced home scar treatment is available from the ParsaMD online store. In fact, the products from our store are highly recommended by our founder, Dr. Kami Parsa, and are used extensively in our own Beverly Hills MedSpa.

Pur-Sil Pure Scar Care – 100% Silicone

Pur-Sil Pure Scar Care is 100% pure medical-grade silicone in a soothing topical gel, for use in the home treatment of various sizes and types of scars. Just as efficient as more traditional silicone sheets used in medical offices and medspas around the world, this soft gel is easily applied for self-care of ugly and obvious scars.

With regular use over time, you can reduce the appearance of scars from acne, old wounds, recent surgeries, trauma and more. The medical-grade silicone gently infuses your scar tissue as it is rubbed into the skin, softening it, flattening raised tissue and reducing redness.

Now you can use this first-line medical scar treatment in your own home for reducing the appearance and rough texture of new and old scars. No more traveling to the medspa for laser treatments, no more expensive therapies and no more embarrassingly obvious scars to attract unwanted attention.

Order yours today from the ParsaMD online store so you can begin treating your ugly scars as soon as possible!

Superior Products from Beverly Hills

Pur-Sil Pure Scar Care gel and many other fine skincare and anti-aging products are also available in our online store. We only recommend and sell the highest-grade products that are proven to work wonders for your aesthetic appeal and skin health. Contact us at the ParsaMD online store or message our Beverly Hills MedSpa with your skincare, anti-aging or scar treatment questions.

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